About us

Every piece is a masterpiece...

Interior house ISTO, representing the luxury furniture companies (such as B&B ITALIA, ROLF BENZ, SIEMATIC, HACHER, MOROSO, MOLTENI & Co) introduces a new brand ARTable by ISTO.

ARTable by ISTO is a prestigious boutique presenting most exclusive and reputable manufacturers of crystal, porcelain and silver. We have brought together outstanding European tableware, holloware and flatware producers who are united by long-standing tradition, and unique approach to luxury, quality and design.

We are proud to partner with the European porcelain inventor – German company MEISSEN, embodying 300 years of European art and culture. The name stands for legendary quality, stylish elegance and long-lasting value. MEISSEN creates unique objects of desire additionally distinguished by lasting worth. MEISSEN pieces of great beauty are dedicated to those who love aristocratic hand produced luxury.

ARTable by ISTO is also honored to introduce the French porcelain leader BERNARDAUD celebrating 150 anniversary. In a continuing effort to explore the potentialities of its signature material, BERNARDAUD capitalizes on its traditional expertise as it ventures into new territories and offers collections that are relevant to all aspects of contemporary lifestyle. Its innovative designers combine delicate colors and patterns with trendsetting designs for a look that is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

We are also proud to partner with the famous French fashion brand HERMES, which is famous not only for exclusive clothing collections, but also for most stunning dinnerware designs. HERMES collections of high quality porcelain amaze by its diversity of striking patterns, symbols and images. Hermes famous dedication to quality, design and artistic excellence is apparent in each of its dinnerware patterns.

ARTable by ISTO is honored to partner with French manufacturer CHRISTOFLE of silver flatware and home accessories, which name over the years stands as a symbol of luxury and elegance thanks to continuous innovations in the production of silver pieces fit for kings and heads of state throughout the world.  Overtime, this prestigious company has revolutionized styles, techniques, and methods for the production and distribution of silver plate and the decorative arts. Since its founding in the mid-19th century, it has been a continous innovative force and has infused each era with a new art of living. Today CHRISTOFLE continues to expand and innovate thanks to its collaboration with the number of celebrated designers.

We are also privileged to work with superior glass manufacturer  MOSER. Founded in 1857, Moser boasts a long tradition of superior artistic and technical standards in lead-free crystal. The quality of the crystal and perfection of Moser‘s hand cutting, engraving, gilding and briliiant colors are unsurpassed by any contemporary glass or crystal company in the world. Moser produces a wide range of stemand barware, holloware, accessories, gifware and art glass, all showcasing the superior quality, innovation and remarkable artistic expression for which the line has long been recognized.

ARTable by ISTO is also proud to introduce ST.LOUIS, the oldest manufacturer of glass-making in Europe (1586).  Classic elegance meets modern sensibility in each peace of ST.LOUIS. Bold, beautiful, and elegant, ST. LOUIS creates glass that demands attention. Notably, since the beginning almost nothing has changed in the production process. Each piece is mouth blown and later cut by hand and no two pieces of ST. LOUIS are exactly the same.